Day 1

The road trip from Hyderabad started at 4:00 pm, So we expected to reach around 11:00 pm(ETA) but reached by 1:00 Am.


We already booked 2BHK flat on Air Bnb as we reached the flat host gave the keys and slept quickly.

Day 2

The next day around 8:00 am we started to Yercaud taking Hosur road on the way we stopped for breakfast at Murugan Idli Shop the price was little higher side.

Murugan Idly

We ate Idli and Vada both are tasty. In the parking lot, you will find a small place where you will find a special drink called “Jigarthanda” which was refreshing. I recommend you to taste the drink.


After having breakfast, We sat in the car and started to our destination on the way there are many natural lakes, lots of coconut trees as we couldn’t resist ourselves we stopped at the coconut stall. The price of the tender coconut was ₹40 which was the same as Hyderabad. The coconut water was so sweet got another one and it was so refreshing.

The NH7 from Bengaluru to Salem was worth driving with friends.

Bengaluru to Salem

Now, we took the state highway to Salem the roads were very good we came across many villages. We started to feel excited as only 30km from Salem we reach Yearcaud.

Passing by village on state highway

Suddenly, We are surrounded by the hills and started to get the vibe of the place which was an amazing moment.

Enjoying all the scenery we reached Yercaud at 1:00 pm. So quickly we got freshen up and hopped out of the hotel and looking for the restaurant to eat because we are hungry.

So we made it to Silver Oak which is inside Hotel Shevaroys. Although, it was around 4 Pm so we ate starter and noodles. The taste was good and we enjoyed it.

Kiliyur Falls

Kilayur WaterFalls is one of the main attractions. We spend around 30min enjoying the view and the water was less yet beautiful.

Kiliyur Waterfalls

All of a sudden from nowhere lot of monkeys gathered and surrounded us. Now we don’t have any other way to escape, but my friend escaped and helped us out by getting local people that is when we escaped from that monkeys. So I advise to be careful out there come out of that place before 4:00 pm as it gets darker soon.

Gent’s Seat

The next place was Gent’s Seat, which is so famous yet spectacular view from the top. From here you can see the view of Yercaud city.

Gent’s Seat

All of a sudden from nowhere you see that you are surrounded by the mist. This is the moment you get to enjoy as it never happened before with me. Below the Gent’s seat there is a children seat which is quite similar where you can have look all around the city from that point.

Child’d Seat

Ladies View Point

The Ladies seat is opposite to the Gent’s seat. This view leads to the ghat road while coming to Yercaud. Check the image below.

Ladies View Point
Hair pin bend view from ladies view point

After visiting all these places we are super tired and headed back to our hotel and got freshen up and headed back to “The Brook – Resorts & Spa” to have dinner.

Tribal Menu

This resort has the specialty that is they serve tribal food. So we decided to have as we don’t get the opportunity to find this type of food in our city.

Bamboo Chicken

We ordered Bamboo chicken, Bamboo biryani and local tribal drink. All of these were unique in taste and so tasty.

As are heading back to the hotel it was pitch dark and very few street lights were there. So, at night we need to be careful you might accidentally come across “Indian Gaur” which looks similar to bison but it is not.

Day 3

Shevaroy Hills

The very next morning we decided to take the 32 km loop road. On the way we visited the temple which is so good and peaceful. We went to a certain height where we can see the entire Yercaud city.

View from Shevaroy Hils

After that quickly we left to “Loop Road”, on the way saw “Indian Gaur” known as Indian Bison it was very huge and suddenly I got panic and stopped for a minute and watching its move because we don’t know how ferocious and danger it can be. Later, it moved from that place and we started to move and finally completed the 32 km loop road.

Loop Road

The whole 32 km look road is around shevaroy hills. It takes 45min to 1Hr depending on the time you enjoy out there.

We were so hungry so headed to “Sweet Rascal”. The name is different right, so here we go with different kinds of food we ordered for lunch.

Calamari aka squids with bread slices
Spicy Chicken

Seeing this I think you also started to eat this kind of tasty food. The ambience of the place was surrounded by the pet animals and some exotic birds. All the pets are so friendly you can even play with it. The owner is kind enough to explain about the place and how they prepare the food.
Also, the menu you want to be cooked should be told in the morning as to get prepared by the lunch.

Pagoda Point

After having the lunch at Sweet Rascal we headed to “Pagoda point”. It is also another view of the city from different directions of the Shevaroy hills. There are many points to look out for the city view.

View from Pagoda Point

Yercaud Lake

As the sun was descending, we thought why not visit the lake which is at the heart of the city.

After that we had a good sleep after a tiring day and left back to the hotel and dozed off.!! Good Night.

As there is nothing much for shopping maybe you will find a few shops but it’s expensive, not many options for buying.

City Map

Finally, Next day has arrived and our trip was completed. So we are heading towards Bangalore. Our last stop for the day.

Day 4

In Bangalore, we did street shopping and ate dosa at MTR which was mouth-watering.
P.S: You cannot miss sambar.

Dosa with Sambar and chutney

After eating, we headed back to the hotel and slept.
The next day, we started back to Hyderabad carrying all the memories with us happily. 🙂

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