Day 1

We are heading to “Land of Strawberries” from Hyderabad. Started at 6:00 Am with perfect view of sunrise.


This time we planned why not take NH9. In previous trips, BWC and Yercaud are through NH7.

We are breakfast lovers so we are in search of it. But we couldn’t find any good restaurants.

Finally, we crossed the Telangana border and entered Karnataka border. The road conditions are worst. It is a single road but they are making 4 lane road. So, the driving was not at all enjoyable.

Road construction

After driving for more than 3 hours we found a small dhaba. We had no choice except to eat so, we at puri, idli and we hit back to roads.

On the way, we came across Naldurg Fort. The old fort was looking so good from outside with high walls. Inside fort there is boating. Anyone interested can visit the fort and do boating.

Naldurg Fort

We entered Maharashtra and reached Solapur after 6 hours drive. We completed around 300 Kms and the time was around 12 Pm.

The road from Solapur to Mahabaleshwar was good. We got on Solapur – Pune Expressway which is worth of driving as you won’t get tired.

The drive was smooth but a twist came in our trip because we are following Google Maps but suddenly Google maps showed us diversion through a state highway with all the speed breakers and villages was worst.

SH Phaltan


We are searching for a hotel or dhaba for lunch and reached a place called Phaltan. In search of food, we had a city tour of Phaltan and saw a few places. In lunch we had puri and misal pav not good neither bad it was descent.

We had lunch and left as soon as we are done because we need to cover 100 km. After some time, We didn’t expect this is what gonna happen and guess what did we see.





We got surrounded by hills from nowhere to somewhere. We are overjoyed to see such a beautiful place and already we started to feel that we are at our destination. The road is 1 way till Panchgani and the roads are as smooth as butter. One must drive in this kind of a road.

Panchgani Highway

Sydney Point

We decided to visit a few places which are on the way to our hotel. We started with Sydney Point.

Sydney View Point

The spectacular place is surrounded by the hills and Dhom Dam which makes the place best. The cool breeze makes us to stay for some more time but as we have to leave we moved to another place.

Table Land

The Table land is a vast land. It is so big that you may require to take a horse or doli which gives you a feel of looking the valleys from the top of the place.

Horse ride at Table Land

By the way we didn’t take any transportation we walked along the edges of table land to have real time experience. There is a cave under table land which is accessible with an entry ticket.

View from the top of Table Land

Parsi Point

By the time we reached Parsi Point it was around 5:00 Pm. The sun was telling bye, but we enjoyed our last destination for the day by watching the sunset.

View from Parsi Point

Finally, we reached our hotel which was located near to the market. This makes our shopping easy. 🙂

Day 2

Do you know what you shouldn’t miss to taste? Let me know in the comment box below.

Pratapgad Fort

Next day morning we started for little trekking at Pratapgad Fort. We had to climb high walking-walking finally we reached the place. It was an eye-catching view of complete fort.

Prathapgad Fort

This fort is surrounded by the Sahayadri Hills makes the perfect place to view the hills from the top.

On the way to the fort, you will find many snacks and street shopping. While walking we saw a small cloud of lassi which is very good must try.


It takes more than 2hours to complete visiting all the places in and outside the fort. We left Prathapgad Fort behind and started to Mahabaleshwar but before that we are damn hungry. On the way we stopped at Nisarg Hotel Mahabaleshwar. The thali at the hotel was very tasty. It was a huge quantity after eating we felt not to leave the place as the tummy was full. That’s not all we tried a special drink after the meals Solkadi One must try. Grab one for yourself.

The way from Prathapgad fort to Mahabaleshwar road was covered by the tress on both the sides which was so beautiful so we stopped our car and started taking lots of pics.

Later, that evening we went to Venna Lake for boating. We took a pedal boat for 1hr or you can say till the sunset. So, we were just moving all the corners till the sun says bye to us.

Venna Lake

Mapro Garden

I think you haven’t heard of it but if you visit Mahabaleshwar. The place will automatically pull you to their place. Guess why? Not because you never heard but they serve a special element or food or ice-cream.

Lets’s Mapro and see..

Welcome to Mapro

After getting inside the Mapro you will see different types of flowers welcoming the people and stalls all around as you will find many squashes, Chocolates, Jams and many more. As there are many squashes we can taste n number of times. We tasted different kinds of squashes and according to me, the best is Hazelnut and Coconut.

Squash tasters

They have a dine-in place at which we can eat Sandwiches, Pizzas and many more. There But one thing is Strawberry. As we know Mahabaleshwar-Panchgani is a land of Strawberries.

We are eagerly waiting for one thing that is “Strawberry Cream with Ice-Cream”. No one can miss tasting it.

Strawberry Cream with Ice-Cream

Pure Gold Cheese Factory

Cheese Factory

We visited the cheese factory where we saw different types of cheese. The cost was higher side. The factory making was closed. It is already dark so we headed back to the hotel got freshen up.

It’s time to visit night market. Let me show you how beautiful it looks.

Night Market

This is how it looks best at nights. We find many shops like Mapro stalls, Handicrafts, Bags, Shoes. I wondered there are many Arcade game stalls always busy with the people.

You even find many strawberry vendors on the streets selling which is very fresh and tasty. Also, you find some exotic fruits like Mulberry, Gooseberry, and many more.

Types of Berries

We decide to taste local Strawberry wine.

Strawberry Wine

After the tiring day we dozed off.

Day 3

We got freshen up and left to visit “Panchganga Temple” We arrived in Old Mahabaleshwar which is approx 8Km. The temple is famous because here 5 rivers originate namely Krishna, Venna, Savitri, Koyna and Gayatri. It is believed that five rivers originate from gaumukhi inside Panchganga temple.

Panchganga Temple

After visiting temple, We had lunch and started to see some more left out points out of which the best point is “Lodwick Point

Lodwick Point

The path towards the Lodwick point is covered with all the trees which made it look beautiful.

Path to Lodwick Point

We are moving towards the point to find the view. But we saw beyond the expectation which is worth the place.

Lodwick View Point

we spent more than an hour it was a wonderful experience on the whole trip.

Later, we came down and clicked photographs with Goofy(car) and moved to our hotel.

At night we went to see one of the old bakery is Mahabaleshwar that is Elsies Bakery. Unfortunately, the owner is out of town.

Elsie’s Bakery

Came back to Hotel and rest for the day.

Day 4

We started our journey back to Hyderabad taking beautiful memories with us. On the way between the Sahayadri Hills and NH 9, you will find as many as Strawberry bunches along the way till Panchgani.

Bagicha Corner

We visited another famous place. The place has speciality like many famous film stars has visited this place. So, here you can see strawberry farms if you haven’t seen anywhere.

Bagicha Corner

Mapro Food Park

At Wai, there is a big food park of Mapro, here you get opportunity how squashes, jams, etc are prepared. Make sure you visit.

Mapro Food Park





End of the memorable trip. 🙂

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