On 25th Feb, My flight was from Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, Hyderabad boarding time was 9:15 Am. I reached airport dropped luggage took boarding pass passed security check and finally waiting in lounge for flight. It was 2:15Hrs flight to Delhi. So took some beautiful photos and videos of the flight, runway and airport. After reaching Delhi I met my old friend and we went out to see “Little Tibet” a.k.a Majnu-Ka-Tilla, Delhi. The same day I have a bus to Dharamshala around 8:15 Pm from Majnu-Ka-Tilla. It was already 7:00 Pm I came back took the luggage and ran to catch the bus. Finally, I boarded the bus phew!

Day 2

Next morning, I reached Dharamshala by 6:00 Am the weather was so cold. I was shivering because of the drastic change in weather all of a sudden. I need to catch the taxi to Zostel which is 8km far so the taxi drivers surrounded by me asking Rs 500, 400 but I told max I can give is Rs 200 which is still pretty high but finally got a taxi guy. We started towards the Upper Dharamkot where Zostel is located the path was so narrow. It is suitable for Cars like Maruthi 800, Zen and Alto. It took around 30min to reach but I didn’t completely reach still I need to walk for 500mts which is so steep I was like Uff. As there is no other choice I finally reached Zostel.

Zostel was just amazing I was admired by the ambience of the place surrounded by the hills. It is less to express by words rather to see from naked eyes. After arriving there I see no one at the reception because I was too early my check-in was Noon. So I was just wandering around the place seeing enjoying the cool breeze passing through the ears. The dogs are so adorable they are very friendly and you can play with it. “Maya” is the dog which stays at Zostel. I was hungry so ordered mix parantha with honey-ginger and lemon from The Salvation Cafe the taste was so good it satisfied my hunger.

Later, I got the bed allotted by 10:30 Am the manager was kind enough for early check-in. So, I got freshen up quickly and then I don’t have plans for the day so, suddenly Anirudh who is the volunteer, he is cool. He has come to the room asked any plans for the day. I said, “No”, so he asked for the small hike to Naddi village I was like sure. I’m ready for it. So, I, Parikshit, Anirudh & (forgot another name) of them it was a 4km hike and we were joined by a special guest “A Dog” it’s another beautiful day with such a kind-hearted dog to come along with us for the whole hike.

In short, the whole hike was unforgettable because the “Dog” with us, met monks on the way, prayer flags all the way, beautiful houses with happy people. So, this made the hike an unforgettable experience.

Naddi Village

While returning we had to leave “Dog” behind we came back in the car. We came to Mcleodganj centre to visit Dalai Lama Temple and do shopping.

After that, we went to eat something at the famous “Illerati café “which is basically for book lovers and who wants to have their own space for work but it has a beautiful view and ambience. It was almost 6:00 Pm and it was becoming dark and the Zostel became more colourful. I had dinner and was chilling in a common room for a while and then headed back to the room.

Day 3

Today, I decided to visit the famous tourist spots in Mcleodganj before that I had Tibetan breakfast which was different and good taste.

After breakfast, I started to St. John in the Wilderness Church walking all the way and reached the place. The place was very quiet and spooky because as you enter you will see the cemetery around and I kinda felt like a haunted place.

Later, I was going back the road was also very quiet and then I moved ahead for the next spot which is Bhagsunag Waterfalls which is 1.5km far from Mcleodganj centre. I was walking and as we move forward you will see the beautiful city of Dharamshala from the top.

The small place needs a simple walk to explore the beauty of the place. So, moving along after 45min I reached Bhagsunag Temple but it’s not over yet. Here comes the challenging I need to climb lots of steps steep ways ups and downs to view waterfalls.

I started to go ahead with clicking images and it was pleasant weather though. Anyone planning to visit Bhagsunag waterfalls must visit “Shiva Café” which is the best café. After while walking I reached the waterfalls, the water was so cool and lots of people were enjoying playing music and dancing. It was quite fun and the view from there was spectacular.

I spent around an hour and started to towards Mcleodganj. I haven’t had my lunch so, I stopped at Addiction café which is a cosy place and I ordered Maggi with Hot chocolate. The view of the hill from inside the café was too good and enjoyed the taste it was good.

After a while, I reached Mcleodganj and decided to have some famous street food at Tibet Kitchen which is famous for “Momos”.

I ordered the momos and suddenly my roommate appeared with other friends as he went to Triund Trek and came back. So, we all sat and ordered Thupkas and some other dishes. Let me introduce Ishaan and Zain whom I met in Zostel we took shortest route to Zostel which was dangerous no lights and it was too steep and we need to walk 1.5km to reach Upper Dharamkot and from there 1.5km to reach Zostel.

Night View of the Mountain

So we just started to walk shared how well the day was spent. Finally, we reached Zostel I ordered a salad and was playing Jenga and other games too. The night was fun as it was last night in Mcleodganj. I was awake till late and later headed back to the room and guess next where I am heading to.

P.S: I was sad leaving Mcleodganj but made some good friends and carrying beautiful memories. See you soon!

Happy Travelling 🙂

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