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Day 8

The first day in Manali feeling so good and excited to explore but temperature is below 0 degrees.

View from Zostel Manali

I was hungry badly so, quickly got freshen up and ordered Israeli breakfast.

Israeli Breakfast

So, Today’s plan is to visit Solang Valley which is approx 25km. So I headed out of the Zostel and decided to rent a bike for 1 day but instead, I rented Activa which cost me ₹500/day. Nevertheless, I went to the mall road to buy a mount for GoPro but unable to find and I started to Solang Valley. The route to Solang is Manali – Leh Highway which is an amazing route with Mountain View and Beas River gushing down. It was a solo drive and I’m feeling so refreshing where I was vlogging journey along the way.

After, 45min the temperature decreased to -20 degrees and still decreasing. Finally, I reached Solang Valley and I see white paradise around me.

Solang Valley

There are various activities like Paragliding, Skiing, Snowboarding, Ride-on Yak, ATV, and of course playing with snow. I bought a rope-way ticket which costs me around ₹650/person and I sat inside and was going higher altitude to witness something which I couldn’t witness from below. After 5min, I reached the top and I could see the humongous amount of snow around me.

Ropeway at Solang Valley

Many of them are enjoying them enjoy the place by clicking photos.

After 2hrs, I came down and was just walking around clicking photos, and then it was evening. The weather was chilly so Maggi was the perfect combo hot Maggi + chilly weather. After which I went back to Zostel around 6:00 Pm got freshen up took a rest for a while and went out. I went to have dinner at “The Lazy Dog Lounge” the ambiance was good and ordered bruschetta which is good but a little expensive.


I tried some local cookies at “English Bakery” it was tasty and I was passing by another bakery where my eyes went on Yak cheese and few cookies. I tried almond cookie it was too sweetish. So, I thought why not try Yak cheese but somehow I managed to eat a little piece initially it was smelly pungent, and strong in taste but after few seconds it is normal. Later, I went back to Zostel to get some rest for the day.

Day 9

Today, I woke up late got freshen up ordered breakfast, and sat in the hazy sunshine. So, Today’s plan is to visit Naggar Castle which is located in Naggar village. So, I completed breakfast and headed towards Naggar Castle. The route to Naggar follows Leh – Manali Highway which is very wide and amazing views. An hour of drive finally reached Naggar Castle which is a historic museum and heritage hotel.

Naggar Castle Inner View

The castle has an entry fee and after going inside you will find a map of Naggar. The Naggar Castle built by Raja Sidh Singh in 1460 AD. There is a restaurant inside the castle which was well-maintained and had a good seating area with a view of the Beas river.

View of Mountains from Naggar Castle

I spent around 1hr and decided to leave because the weather has changed. The weather turned out to be cloudy so left from there towards Zostel.

The route was so beautiful with greenery at the same time fuel is less so I was hoping that it shouldn’t stop in between. Suddenly, it started to rain so I was trying to go fast but the road which I took was through the villages so I was encountering with lot of speed-breakers. Finally, after 1hr I reached the mall road and here there is no rainfall. So, went back to Zostel, and the rest of the day was spent in Zostel. I went and sat in the common room also the room is warm. I made a friend Abhijeet and we spoke for some time and then I met a few more Akshit, Bhavesh and Abhishek. So, we got to know each other and we played Jenga and it was a fun night. Later, we all ordered dinner and I headed back to the room. As there wasn’t any plan for the next day.

Day 10

No plans! But Rahul and Amey who is from Zostel decided for a day hike to a village. So, I, Bhavesh, and Abhijeet joined Rahul, Amey Garima, and Mrudhul. So, we 6 started for our 15km hike and the route was through Manu Temple, Rocky’s café and it was raining continuously. Some of them slipped and fell down. Rahul was the first guy to fall and Garima stands second which was quite fun. I was just mesmerized by the view and the rocky Beas River and we were walking on a shaky small wooden bridge across Beas River. The flow of water wasn’t too high. I was feeling very cold as I haven’t worn a rain jacket.

Finally, after 1hr we made it to the main road and we took 2 autos 6 of them and reached the mall road. We went to the restaurant for coffee wasn’t their others had chat. I went out to get an umbrella because it was raining continuously. After, sometimes we went walking back to Zostel. On the way, we took local made Rhododendron, Apple Honey, and Mango wine. We all reached Zostel at 3:00 Pm and I went back to the room and slept for some time. When I woke up it was evening 6:00 Pm.

I met Satyam and Shabbir who were my roommates. Later, I got freshen up and went to the common room. Everyone was present there and we decided to play Jenga with a small twist consist of truth or dare. It was really a fun night I enjoyed because the night went insane with all the fun we had. We all had a wine party, dance, and music. We were awake till late at night and enjoyed the fullest. The funniest part was done by Abhishek, Abhijeet, and Bhavesh too. The day ended insanely cool. My solo trip almost came to end. I wish it would never be a full stop.

Day 11

Today is my last day in Manali. So, I and Abhijeet decided to return the vehicle and go back to the mall road to do some shopping. We went to the mall road and had breakfast. I ordered bread-omelet and Abhijeet ordered “Siddu” known for traditional Himachali food. Siddu wasn’t as great even I didn’t like it too.

Later, we went shopping Abhijeet bought a few items I was just roaming around and we went to Monastery and I bought prayer flags which I missed to buy in Mcleodganj. It was raining so we decided to take an auto and went back to Zostel. Today, I have a bus to Delhi even the Coronavirus started in India we are on alert and careful. I missed Zostel and the friends where we all met and enjoyed it.

Before leaving I captured few memories of Zostel.

Zostel Manali

We have a bus at 8:00 Pm I, Abhijeet Satyam, and Shabbir are traveling on the same bus. Finally, we left Zostel and booked a taxi, and reached the Manali private bus stand. It was long 550km to Delhi and I dozed off!

Day 12

I reached Majnu-Ka-Till at 9:00 Pm and took an auto to the hotel in Karol Bagh. I went to the room and got freshen up and went to the market to buy a riding jacket and bike accessories. It was afternoon was feeling hungry so went to Haldirams it was a new outlet opened at Pusa Road. I had chole bhature it was tasty. By the time I reached the hotel, it was 5:00 Pm quickly packed the bags and booked a cab to Shivaji Stadium airport line. There is an advantage for Air India passengers that we can drop check-in luggage. I dropped and got into the airport express. Finally, after many days I am back in Hyderabad. I was feeling good.

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